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Innovation Hub and Overall Promotion

In its innovation hub and overall promotional activities, Keihanna RC is establishing global networks and all sorts of communities as a platform to support various tools: integrated R&D in different fields, human resources development, commercialization support, and equipment sharing. Strong bonds are being developed through this platform among companies, start-ups, local residents, research institutes and universities, and government bodies. Accordingly, this platform is growing stronger and is set to become an innovation ecosystem.

Global networks supporting Keihanna RC and communities in the Keihanna area

Global partnerships

Keihanna RC has coordination and cooperation relationships with 261 organizations in total: 100 organizations outside of Japan (12 countries including the US, Canada, Israel, Spain, France, the UK, China and South Korea) and 161 organizations inside Japan (as of April 30, 2019).

 Partnerships for business support
 Partnerships for exchange of human resources

 Partnerships for business support

 The United States

New York

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) – held the event “Debriefing meeting: ERA special program”
– signed a MoU
– held the event “KVeCS Grand Finale”
 – cooperated in the Keihanna Global Acceleration Program
 – held the event “Debriefing meeting of ERA special program”
 – held the event “ERA DAY”
 – gave a lecture at “Keihanna RC Opening Symposium”

Silicon Valley

International Technology Partnership Center (ITPC) – held the event “世界のスマートシティーへの取り組み ~日米欧の最新動向、Smart Mobility、注目のベンチャー~”
 – held the event “KOSAINNセミナー(第1回)~グローバルな協働を目指して~”
 – held the event “感情認識技術の最前線~世界のベンチャー企業の動向~”


Israel Trade & Economic Office, Embassy of Israel
Israel Innovation Authority
– held the event “Japan-Israel Innovation Forum -Wind of Collaboration-“
– signed a MoU with the Elegant Monkeys
– signed a MoU with the IIA
 – held the event “The 2nd Japan-Israel Neuroscience Symposium”
 – held the event “Global People-to-People Exchange Seminar-Presentation about Keihanna International Internship Program-”
 – held the event “KOSAINN seminar -to work with Israeli startups-”
 – held the event “Israel Seminar and Individual Meeting”
 – held the event “イスラエルの次なるイノベーションの波・戦略的脳科学研究”
 – held the event “Fintech Forum in Keihanna -Promising Ventures in Israel-”
 – gave a keynote lecture at “Keihanna RC Opening Symposium”



Barcelona Activa(BA)  – held the event “Japan’s Hot Startups Pitch ーLive Broadcast from Smart City Expo World Congressー”
 – held the event “KVeCS with Barcelona 2018″
 – held the event “Satrtups in Smart City, Barcelona and Tokyo”
 – signed a memorandum of understanding
 – gave a lecture at “Kyoto Smart City Expo 2017”
 – held the event “Barcelona Day”
4YFN Community Club  joined “4YFN Community Club”


Hong Kong

Global Digital MOJO  – held the event “Global Innovation Seminar-Business Transformation by Integrated Design Thinking-”
 – cooperated in business promotion and innovation hub activities based on a memorandum of understanding
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation  Cooperation in startup support


Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone Administrative Commission  – cooperated in a smart city project based on a memorandum of understanding signed between Dalian City and Kyoto City


National Research Council Canada (NRC) – cooperated in the industrial field based on a MoU

Partnerships for exchange of human resources

Keihanna RC manages the “Keihanna International Internship Program” to accept interns from R&D and business-related fields in cooperation with overseas universities, and it also holds seminars by inviting lecturers from overseas business schools.

● Keihanna International Internship Program

This program assists participating organizations in effectively using skilled young interns from overseas. In this effort, ATR, a company with abundant experience and accomplishments in welcoming interns from abroad, works as a liaison between participating companies and universities, helps interns with the visa application procedures, and offers the newcomers support in everyday life.


 The United States

MIT-Japan Program Stanford Japan Center (SJC)


The Canada-Japan Co-op Program CJCP
Mitacs CJCP


Télécom ParisTech Télécom Sud Paris


Tel Aviv University IDC Herzliya
The Sagol Brain Institute



IE business school IESE Barcelona Activa(BA)
InnoEnergy InnoEnergy


KU Leuven KUleuven


HEC Montréal HEC Montreal

Coworking space “Unicorn”

Keihanna RC manages “Unicorn,” a coworking space for start-ups, business persons, researchers, and individuals in the Keihanna area.

Seminars for the fusion of different fields

Keihanna RC aims to create new communities and projects by promoting communications between companies and researchers in the Keihanna area through the seminars it holds at Keihanna RC’s participating organizations.

 Venues for the seminars in the past

第1回:「ロボットと協創する未来」 第2回:「テクノロジーで拓く食の未来」 第3回:「ロボット技術で進化する未来」
第4回:「技術の融合で広がる新未来」 第5回:「起業家マインドで挑む新未来」 第6回:「ロボット・脳・AIから見通す未来」
第7回:「人と機械の融和で創る新しい未来」 第8回:「‘コト(感情・睡眠・ストレス)’の計測と評価」 第9回:「近未来創造ワークショップ」
第10回:「デジタルアーカイブシステムの利活用で広がる世界」 第11回:「けいはんなが拓くイノベーティブな未来」