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“Fintech Forum in Keihanna -Promising Ventures in Israel-” Report

“Fintech Forum in Keihanna -Promising Ventures in Israel-” was held on October 23, 2017. The amount of investments in the combined field of finance and ICT is increasing yearly, a stream of various convenient services is being generated, people’s lifestyle and business practices are changing, and the fintech is now being extended to the information security field. Two lectures about KINTETSU HARUKAS COIN and the Israeli ventures reflected the dynamism of such changes and movements. In the networking session after the lectures, business matching consultations were conducted in such a vibrant atmosphere that it exceeded the scheduled time. We keenly felt high expectations from the participants to the fintech and fintech-related new business.

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Lecture “Israel’s Innovation Ecosystem and its success story”

We invited Mr. Avi Luvton*1 from Israel, with which Keihanna RC has been deepening its relationship, as a lecturer of Israeli innovation ecosystem. He introduced how Israel successfully became a world-scale innovation hub where a lot of global enterprises such as Google and Microsoft have launched their business in spite of limited land area, underground resources, and domestic market.

*1: Asia Pacific Executive Director, Israel Innovation Authority

Lecture “Virtual Community Currency ‘KINTETSU HARUKAS COIN’ ”

Mr. Hiroshi Yamamoto from Kintetsu Group Holdings Co.,Ltd. explained the detailed process of developing its virtual community currency “KINTATSU HARUKAS COIN” from the conceptual phase to the stage of the proof experiment which was just finished a month ago. His lecture about the large-scale experiment conducted at ABENO HARUKAS and its data-oriented analysis results was so energetic that we felt like seeing the new business take shape right in front of us.

Presentation from 8 fintech-related companies from Israel and networking session
Though one of the fintech companies, which was initially expected to make presentation, could not come due to the typhoon a day before, eight Israeli companies (i.e. blockchain, market prediction, investment advisor, mobile payment, payment solution, and transaction platform) gave presentations. In the networking session after the presentation, business matching consultations were held. The participants were highly interested in the Israeli companies and so business matching proceeded in a vibrant atmosphere. The consultation ran longer than scheduled and was a great success. We keenly felt high expectations from the participants to the fintech and fintech-related new business.

Fintech is compatible with the ICT field, one of the strengths of Keihanna RC, and one of the hottest topics among various business fields. Looking forward, we will offer you more chances for business matching through proceeding with our global partnership.