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Japan’s Hot Startups Pitch ーLive Broadcast from Smart City Expo World Congressー(11/13)2018/11/13

Keihanna RC implemented a business support project targted for startup companies with the ambition of expanding their business to Europe. This time, five Japanese startup companies selected in the project will go to Barcelona and exhibit at one of the world’s largest business expo “Smart City Expo World Congress”. They will showcase their business in the Keihanna RC’s booth and attend a pitch event as presenters. The pitch will be broadcast live at our coworking space “Unicorn”. Give a big applause to the challengers!

Prior application is NOT necessary for this event

Date / Time Tuesday, November 13, 2018 19:00 - 20:00

Coworking space “Unicorn”, ATR
Access: http://www.atr.jp/map_etc/access_e.html

– Welcome Speech
Incbator “Barcelona Activa” run by Barcelona city
– Opening Speech
Dr. Hiroyuki Suzuki(Executive Vice President of ATR/ Strategy Director &Leader of the Innovation hub activity of Keihanna Research Complex)
– Introduction (Live broadcast from the venue)
– Pitch event(5 min. each)
1. “Stroly – design map location service”
Ms. Machi Takahashi(President,Co-CEO / Co-Founder, Stroly Inc.)
2. “Solution for pain or numbness when riding in vehicles”
Mr. Keisuke (Kasey) Tanaka(CEO, PACIFIC WAVE CO., LTD.)
3. “Drone pole ~solution for drones in society~”
Ms. Nana Matsui(CFO, IYD Co., Ltd.)
4. “Conversational A.I. platform ‘Botbird'”
Mr. Naoyoshi Shimaya(CEO, METABIRDS Co., Ltd.)
5. “Learn web analytics by quiz. KOBIT empowerment marketers”
Mr. Nozomi Kubota(CEO, Creator’s NEXT.inc.)
– Q&A session
Speaker Profile

Five excellent startup companies selected fromour business introduction website “STARTUPS”by Keihanna RC and Barcelona Activa.
They will venture into a new field in Barcelona after taking Keihanna RC’s mentoring program and pitching at Kyoto Smartcity Expo 2018 held on October 4th.

● Stroly Inc.
● IYD Co., Ltd.
● Creator’s NEXT.inc.

Admission Free

Object Anyone
Qualification / Requirement None
Due date for application

Notes for attendance

Pictures and video will be taken after the event for the purpose of information dissemination. Additionally, media interviews may be conducted. Please be aware before attending that pictures and video of attendees may be used in the future.

Please follow a guide sign at ATR front porch to go to "Unicorn".

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