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Barcelona Day~Barcelona’s Innovation Ecosystem and its Business Promotion System~2017/09/27

The city of Barcelona is known for its beautiful townscapes. Since its local government, enterprises, and ventures are cooperatively generating a number of new business models, Barcelona has also become a showcase of field tests. According to the research by 2thinknow, Barcelona is one of the top innovation citiesTM. From its collected human, technical, and financial resources, the city is exhibiting significant economic growth. Accelerators from Barcelona first cite examples of actual field tests and acceleration startup functions. As a case study, presenters from Japan introduce local ventures invested by Japanese companies to explain Barcelona’s business opportunities and future prospectives.

Date / Time Wednesday, September 27, 2017 13:00 - 15:30

Access: http://www.atr.jp/map_etc/access_e.html


13:00 Opening
13:10 Lecture 1

● Title: Barcelona’s Innovation Ecosystem and its Business Promotion System
● Lecturer: Mr.Lorenzo Di Pietro (Barcelona Activa)
14:00 Lecture 2
● Title: Case Study: Local ventures invested by Japanese companies
● Lecturers: TBA.
15:00 Lecture 3
● Title: Incubation to university-originated ventures of EU in Barcelona
● Lecturer: Dr. Mar Martínez (INNOENERGY)


Admission free

Qualification / Requirement None
Due date for application Tuesday, September 26, 2017 15:00
Capacity 100 people

Notes for attendance

Pictures and video will be taken after the event for the purpose of information dissemination. Additionally, media interviews may be conducted. Please be aware before attending that pictures and video of attendees may be used in the future.

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