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KGAP+ DAY – Batch 4 DEMO-DAY - Report

“KGAP+ DAY -Batch 4 DEMO DAY-” was held online on February 19 as a finale of the Batch 4 activity.


KGAP+ Batch 1 Kickoff Week Report

On July 22, 2019, KGAP+:Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus was launched at Kiehanna Research Complex.


“Keihanna Venture Championship Grand Finale” Report

KVeCS Grand Finale was finally held on January 19th, 2018. The KVeCS is an abbreviation for Keihanna Venture Championship, which is a series of pitch contests monthly held from July 2017 by Keihanna Research complex. The 11 companies who won the KVeCS challenged the battle for the chance to attend the special program offered by Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (abbr. ERA), one of the largest accelerators in NYC, and to pitch to the US investors.


“Fintech Forum in Keihanna -Promising Ventures in Israel-” Report

“Fintech Forum in Keihanna -Promising Ventures in Israel-” was held on October 23, 2017. The amount of investments in the combined field of finance and ICT is increasing yearly, a stream of various convenient services is being generated, people’s lifestyle and business practices are changing, and the fintech is now being extended to the information security field. Two lectures about KINTETSU HARUKAS COIN and the Israeli ventures reflected the dynamism of such changes and movements. In the networking session after the lectures, business matching consultations were conducted in such a vibrant atmosphere that it exceeded the scheduled time. We keenly felt high expectations from the participants to the fintech and fintech-related new business.


Keihanna RC Global Promotion Event “Introduction of Keihanna International Internship Program” Report

On September 4th in 2017, Keihanna RC held the global promotion event “Introduction of Keihanna International Internship Program” as a kickoff event of “Keihanna International Internship Program”. The purpose of this program is to attract skilled and young overseas interns to Keihanna. With the attendance of companies with high interests in accepting interns, administrative organizations, and university staff in charge of international exchange, ATR gave a presentation to explain the acceptance of interns from abroad. In the networking time, the participants actively exchanged ideas and discussed specific details to develop their internship program in the future.


Keihanna Research Complex Opening Symposium Report

Keihanna Research Complex Opening Symposium was held on Mar.27, 2017


ERA DAY Report

We had a special event produced by Mr. Aktihanoglu, Managing Director of ERA on March 28, 2017.