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Keihanna RC Global Promotion Event “Introduction of Keihanna International Internship Program” Report

On September 4th in 2017, Keihanna RC held the global promotion event “Introduction of Keihanna International Internship Program” as a kickoff event of “Keihanna International Internship Program”. The purpose of this program is to attract skilled and young overseas interns to Keihanna. With the attendance of companies with high interests in accepting interns, administrative organizations, and university staff in charge of international exchange, ATR gave a presentation to explain the acceptance of interns from abroad. In the networking time, the participants actively exchanged ideas and discussed specific details to develop their internship program in the future.

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About the “Keihanna International Internship Program”
“Construction of Global Innovation Hub”, one of the goals for Keihanna RC, requires global human resources. Keihanna RC therefore decided to start the “Keihanna International Internship Program” with the purpose of accepting skilled young interns from abroad, and ATR, which has a long experience in accepting interns, explained the program as a responsible organization. In the program, ATR will take over various operations such as a contact window for overseas interns, visa application procedure, and life support in Japan. ATR will also promote interaction among host institutions and interns.

Overseas Internship from three viewpoints
Dr. Hugh, the representative of Stanford Japan Center (SJC), one of the program’s partner universities, first introduced its internship program and activities. He also mentioned some differences in attitude toward internship between Japanese and US companies. Next, Osaka gas and NTT communication science laboratories, gave detailed explanations about advantages of accepting overseas interns and how to improve internship program – namely setting the appropriate hiring criteria, giving assignments that match interns’ abilities, etc. In the last part, two interns working at ATR made speeches about their internship in Japan, expectations, and motivations. It was a good opportunity for the participants to know the real opinions from the interns with different standpoints.

Participants asked detailed questions about the program one after another in a casual atmosphere, which struck us that they were highly interested in the program. They also exchanged opinions with each other about the current status and challenges of acceptance of foreign people.


According to the questionnaires conducted after the event, almost all the participants replied that they positively considered receiving interns from abroad. We are delighted that they fully understood the purpose of the “Keihanna International Internship Program”, and from now on we would like to meet and exceed their expectations by preparing for the successful start of this program.