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Human resources development

For the human resource development of the Keihanna Research Complex project, various activities are being undertaken to bring together ‘producers’ with affluent creative minds in the area, encouraging them to generate high-profit businesses capitalizing on their expertise and business acumen.

The Keihanna Research Complex project aims to cultivate individuals with creative minds capable of creating new businesses undertaking innovative R&D that capitalizes on regional strengths*.*Considering the strengths of this area, we are looking at the environment where many universities, corporate research laboratories and technology ventures gather together, and the accumulation of i-Brain (Integration of Brain-human Information Science) and ICT (Information Communications Technologies).

The project will offer an environment in the Keihanna area where many ‘producers’ can design, plan and implement projects independently. The project will also offer opportunities for the producers to meet and collaborate, potentially resulting in new and affluent business opportunities. In other words, we will create the ‘Sea of Producers’*. In the Keihanna area, we will ultimately achieve the development of human resources who can produce high-profit businesses toward a ‘meta-comfort’ and smart society with i-Brain x ICT as a core.*2 We named it the ‘Sea of Producers’ for the many people involved with creative minds, and opportunities for meetings, collaborations and businesses.

<Chart>The Sea of Producers (conceptual diagram)

<Chart>The Sea of Producers (conceptual diagram)

Flow of Activities

Phase 1 (〜H28)

Proposing the human resource development concept of the Keihanna Research Complex project, the ‘Sea of Producers’

Highlighting the importance of the development of producers in the Keihanna area. Starting to popularize the basic knowledge of the project’s key technology, i-Brain x ICT

Phase 2 (H29〜)

Promoting the creation of a virtual campus in the Keihanna area

Starting to establish a virtual campus toward our human resource development plan, through collaboration between the organizations involved in the Keihanna area.
Promoting the formation of a community of technical personnel as a base for future local implementation.

Phase 3 (H30〜)

Nurturing producers who can play active roles in a ‘meta-comfort and smart society’

In order to realize a ‘meta-comfort and smart society’, we will work to provide scientific knowledge and information required for R&D, engage in community activities for the emergence of ideas, and offer the methodology that helps to work out ideas for new businesses through open innovation processes.

Phase 4 (H31〜)

Regional implementation of the concept of the ‘Sea of Producers’

Using a virtual campus as a background, a variety of players with creative minds gather together in the Keihanna area. From there, R&D ideas will gradually emerge, realizing the ‘Sea of Producers’ in this region.

Produce Technology

Produce Technology

The basic policy of our human resource development approach is to nurture a producer, in other words, a person ①who can design and plan a project from scratch (creativity), ② who can build a human network, ③ who can collect operating funds, ④ who can manage a project, and ⑤ who can evaluate the outcome using public feedback.

(※)MEXT’s Support Program for Contemporary Educational Needs, ‘Creation of Produce Technology: http://rohm.doshisha.ac.jp/gp04/index.html


List of Courses

Poster Presentation

Idea Creation Activities

Idea Creation Activities

In producer development, it is essential for individuals to accumulate experience in designing, planning and implementing a project based on their own ideas. It is also necessary to provide a site for activities and form a community comprising for members to share their experiences. In idea creation activities, individuals with creative minds gather together centering around the Keihanna area, develop production skills through independent activities, and engage in creating new ideas and prototyping. Fab Space (*) is fully utilized as a shared facility of the project.

*)Fab(=Fabrication x Fabulous)Space has been placed on the 11th floor of Keihanna Plaza for the first time in the Keihanna area (operated and managed by Doshisha University)

Introduction of Members