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Basic Course in Brain Science

Basic Course in Brain Science

Having basic knowledge of brain science is very important to comprehensively understand the future vision of a ‘meta-comfort and smart society’ and for the possibility of the industrial application of i-Brain technologies toward the creation of such a society.
Brain structures and their interconnection look complicated, but once relatively simple principles underlying the basic structure of the brain’s nervous system are understood, brain anatomy becomes more understandable. The course will be given in an omnibus style by instructors engaging in brain studies at the Graduate School of Brain Science at Doshisha University. They will introduce new appealing aspects of brain science, while outlining basic knowledge through to cutting-edge research outcomes in their individual research fields. There will also be participatory demonstrations of experiments by graduate students in classes. Throughout the course, those enrolled will develop a fundamental knowledge of brain activity and the mechanisms of the nervous system that take the central role in human behavior, from a simple reflex response to a complicated mental activity.

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