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Coworking space “Unicorn”

Unicorn logo

Unicorn is the first coworking space in the Keihanna area not only for individuals but for entrepreneurs, engineers, and creators. Keihanna RC strongly hopes that new projects will be generated and mind-blowing things will be discovered from this place through discussion among its residents and other events.

Flyer HERE (Japanese only)


Unicorn is a coworking space on the first basement floor in ATR

  • ATR
    ATR building
  • room
  • room
  • room
  • reception
  • BBQ
    BBQ area

You can drop in and use any desks, chairs, and other equipment unless they are reserved.

iconMeeting space (small)×2
This space is for a casual meeting with 4 people or less

iconMeeting space (middle)×1
There is a big desk and five chairs. If you place a monitor on the desk, you can have a teleconference as this picture shows.(Note: You need a reservation to use a monitor)

iconMeeting space (large)×2
There are two large desks and 20 people at max can sit around them.The white wall is useful to project some images on.

4 people can sit at the counter. You can use outlets, so bring your own PC to make your own working space.

  • small table
  • middle table
  • large table
  • counter
  • counter



Unicorn can lend you equipment such as a projector and monitor, and introduce business professionals by using Unicorn’s human resources.

During business hours (9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. on weekdays), a receptionist always checks who comes in and out; and at other times, you cannot enter the building without an IC card.
Sign board
The signboard of your company logo or team logo will be provided.
Unicorn support
Through Unicorn’s newtwork, you can consult with lawyers, judicial scriveners, social insurance labor consultants, and other types of professionals to commercialize your ideas.
Unicorn’s residents can plan and hold events at Unicorn, and what’s more, they can exhibit at ATR Open House, an annually-held ATR’s business event
Rental equipment
You can have lunch at a cafe and also use a BBQ space inside of ATR.
Rental equipment
A projector, sockets, Wi-fi, white boards, and a printer are available.




iconMs. Yoriko Hirose(Pkaxceo Co.,)iconMr.Kazuki Sakabayashi (flowerpost)

iconTeam and individual


Event and Project


6/26(Tue) 16:00-17:45 Unicorn Open Day!


Joint projects are now being planned…


Guideline and application form

If you are interested in Unicorn membership, please download, fill in the form, and submit it to the reception.

Guideline (Getting ready)
Application form
Consultation form
Contact us: Keihanna Research Complex Unicorn admin. office