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Keihanna RC is dedicated to developing and commercializing cutting-edge technologies accumulated in the Keihanna area to create spiritual richness, with i-Brain and ICT as its core. Especially, Keihanna is famous worldwide for its achievement in the braintech field. Braitech is a technology to utilize brain functions based on neuroscience, and also known as a neuro technology. Keihanna RC is devoted to creating new business related to braintech and encouraging both researchers and business entities by holding a series of braintech-related seminar called “START BRAIN TECH” and publishing a report about the latest trend of the braintech industry.



Keihanna RC invites researchers, investors, and companies to hold a “START BRAIN TECH” series. Sharing information about the latest trend of this business/research field with each other, key persons of the braintech field build networks with an aim to create new projects.

START BRAIN TECH seminar(Japanese Only)

START BRAIN TECH 1(2017/6/30 @ ATR)
START BRAIN TECH 2(2017/10/3 @ Osaka Innovation Hub)
START BRAIN TECH 3(2017/11/27 @ ATR)
START BRAIN TECH TOKYO(2018/3/2 @ Startup Hub Tokyo)
START BRAIN TECH TOKYO 2(2018/7/6 @ Startup Hub Tokyo)
START BRAIN TECH 4(2018/7/25 @ Kyoto research park)
START BRAIN TECH 5(2018/10/12 @ ATR)

2. In-depth investigative report on braintech (Keihanna RC and neumo)

Keihanna RC and neumo jointly issues reports on braintech to send the information on the world trend of braintech. Our first report “CES 2018 Brain Technology Corporate Reports” is already used by many companies. Neumo also provides consultation services based on reports and discussion of business strategies, practical applications, etc.


Broad outline of products and services
Funding updates
Interviews with CEO, CSO, CTO, etc.
Scientific commentary from neumo team members relating to the scientific background of products. These comments are based on extensive review of academic literature, work done by CSO/CTOs, and information gleaned through interviews
Independent evaluation conducted by neumo comparing over 300 global neuroscience-related companies. This explorative analysis includes company assessments and highlights highly competitive organizations within a variety of domains
Appraisal of changing trends from 2017 to 2018

Key Features

Expanded explanation of report contents based on scientific proof.
Only-one CES2018 report in the world presented by neumo, which has observed more than 1,000 braintech-related companies.

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