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KGAP+ Batch3 – Israeli Startups

Seaerra Vision Ltd

Seaerra develops innovative AI based solutions, enabling underwater vision by significantly improving visibility, contrast and colors in real-time. The technology has been proved to substantially improve visibility and contrast of images taken in bad visibility conditions (due to water, haze, sand or fog). Recovery of these images is disruptive since it enables the usage of clear images for human use as well as automatic computer vision methods for recognition, segmentation and tracking. Methods are based on analyzing the physical image formation model and developing algorithms in order to reverse the optical effects of the scattering media. Methods work in real-time and do not require any specialized or external hardware.
Seek collaborations in aquaculture, underwater robotics, oil & gas, ports and defense & security.
[Sector: IoT, Marine tech, Blue tech]

OutSense Diagnostics Ltd.

OutSense’s game-changing technology transforms the toilet into a non-invasive IoT medical device. Using a small mechanism that clips onto a standard toilet bowl, data is collected automatically and without any user intervention. The patented technology combines a smart optical sensor capable of collecting spatial and spectral information with advanced image analysis algorithms. The sensor and algorithm software communicate over a secured cloud platform, which is compatible with a mobile device application. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools, the technology analyzes and diagnoses stool and urine and provides a detailed report of the user’s health, as well as notifies of any deviations and abnormalities.
Seek partners for PoCs at elderly care home as well as in screening CRC (colorectal cancer).
[Sector: Big data, IoT, Digital health, Healthcare]