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Film Players Limited

Film Players Limited provides one-stop solutions for Smart Film products, from R&D to design to installation. Smart Film’s main function is for Privacy. Using a remote or mobile app, you can adjust the opacity and transparency of the glass.
It suits the usage in replacing window curtain, in bathroom or in office’s conference room.
Our products can also be a display module like a Digital Watch, showcasing logos, signage and useful information on the glass. Imagine waking up with the instant weather information and time on your windows. With just a film sticking procedures, we make the installation easy.
Seek collaboration in PoCs and product improvements.
[Sector: Material]

Customindz Limited

Customindz’s AI computer vision automate construction monitoring to improve safety, productivity and profit margin.
We are the 1st Asia AI construction cloud solution with more than 30+ prebuilt AI modules including safety wear, danger zone, machinery and material detection. Their platform can connect any camera to provide instant alert and report base on real time detection.
Seek construction companies to collaborate PoCs.
[Sector: AI, Construction Tech]