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KGAP+ Batch3 – Canadian Startups

Bluink Ltd.

Bluink’s eID-Me is an Identity Proofing and Digital Identity App for your smartphone. Once your identity is verified, a mobile driver’s licence and e-Passport is issued to your phone. Your digital identity can be used online or in person to prove your identity and receive services. This solution limits contact, enables social distancing, and allows for password-free login to portals and websites.
Seek public organizations and private companies who need identity verification of citizens and customers.
[Sector: Cybersecurity]

OVA inc.

OVA has developed a user-friendly immersive content creation tool, StellarX, that allows end-users to rapidly create, modify and share virtual and augmented reality content. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, users without any programming experience can create or edit 3D content. The integration of Artificial Intelligence in the tool allows for contextual 3D object recommendations to the user.
Seek collaboration in aerospace, automotive, banking/finance, education/training, entertainment, government, healthcare, IoT, manufacturing, mining, retail, smart Cities, telecommunications/wireless.
[Sector: AR/VR, Remote Work]

Deeplite Inc.

Deeplite can directly support hardware manufacturers with an accelerated AI software development process to enable the mass adoption of valuable AI enabled services. For example, accelerating fault detection/visual inspection for cameras within manufacturing plants, facial detection for security and health-related services in hospitals, buildings and smart cities and object detection for autonomous vehicles + many others! With an automated approach, users simply reference their pretrained model, a dataset and some constraints (e.g. accuracy, size) and press run.
Seek collaboration in manufacturing plants, chip manufacturers, autonomous vehicles, facial detection for health-related services, vehicle tracking, and so on.
[Sector: IoT, Automotive, Remote Work]