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[Online] KGAP+ Special Edition -Take Initiative after COVID-19 with Key Players and Startups in Worldwide Innovation Bases- (Israel -Part2)2020/07/08

KGAP+ (Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus), an acceleration program launched in 2019 from the Keihanna Research Complex Project, will carry out a “Special Edition” program together with the global innovation partners, to consider a paradigm shift in and after the coronavirus pandemic and support startups taking challenges for innovations.

Following a series of online events where startups and support organizations in each region make a pitch or presentation, “KGAP+ Day” will be held on July 29th and 10 startups selected from the series will be pitching. The KGAP+ Day combines the finale with the beginning of a regular program of KGAP+, namely, the startups will start their journey to collaborative PoCs with Japanese companies. Supports and mentoring will be provided until the end of October.

The Special Edition #4 is pitching by Israeli startups. Around 5 startups at recommendation of IIA, Israel Innovation Authority, inspired by the previous webinar “Israel -Part1”, will present advanced technologies and unique services. Please join us as an audience!

*About other events of the series “Special Edition”
*IIA, ATR and KRI (Keihanna Research Institute) have collaborated since the beginning of Keihanna Research Complex Project. A memorandum of understanding was signed in January of 2019, with attendance of Economy, Trade and Industry Ministries of both countries.

Date / Time Wednesday, July 08, 2020 16:00 - 16:45

Online by Zoom


*Time: Japan Standard Time
*Language: English



Opening remarks



Pitching by Israeli startups

    1. Solight LTD
      Solight had created a patented, highly efficient daylighting system, providing uniform full spectrum natural light to poorly lit buildings. Creating optimal lighting for human health and wellbeing, while at the same time reducing wasted electricity, for daytime lighting.
      [Sector: Healthcare, Smart city]
    2. Glean Labs Ltd.
      Glean Labs is an automatic employee competency platform for large R&D organizations. By integrating with the customer’s operational and collaboration systems, Glean’s ML algorithms can automatically identify employees’ knowledge, skills, and experience. Glean Labs’ evidence-based insights helps companies transform organizational processes by turning expensive guesswork into data-driven decision-making.
      [Sector: Big data]
    3. SavorEat
      SavorEat develops a new generation of meat alternative products which recreate the unique experience, taste and texture of meat. Our product is a combination of proprietary 3D printing technology, automatic cooking machine and unique plant-based ingredients that allow the creation of a variety of textures and designs that characterize meat.
      [Sector: Supply chain, Food solutions]
    4. Seaerra Vision Ltd
      Seaerra develops innovative AI based solutions, enabling underwater vision by significantly improving visibility, contrast and colors in real-time. SeaErra’s products and solutions are based on patented and proprietary technology in the field of image enhancement and restoration in scattering media. The technology has been proved to substantially improve visibility and contrast of images taken in bad visibility conditions (due to water, haze, sand or fog). Recovery of these images is disruptive since it enables the usage of clear images for human use as well as automatic computer vision methods for recognition, segmentation and tracking. Methods are based on analyzing the physical image formation model and developing algorithms in order to reverse the optical effects of the scattering media. Methods work in real-time and do not require any specialized or external hardware.
      [Sector: IoT, Marine tech, Blue tech]
    5. Siraj technologies Ltd
      Our Automatic Connectivity Generator (ACG) leverages AI to extract meaningful time series data from any incoming data stream, both previously observed and unobserved, comprising different data formats and communication protocols. The collected data is normalized into a unified format that any cloud platform and application can seamlessly process and understand.
      [Sector: IoT, Smart city]
    6. OutSense Diagnostics Ltd.
      OutSense’s game-changing technology transforms the toilet into a non-invasive IoT medical device. Using a small mechanism that clips onto a standard toilet bowl, data is collected automatically and without any user intervention. The patented technology combines a smart optical sensor capable of collecting spatial and spectral information with advanced image analysis algorithms. The sensor and algorithm software communicate over a secured cloud platform, which is compatible with a mobile device application. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools, the technology analyzes and diagnoses stool and urine and provides a detailed report of the user’s health, as well as notifies of any deviations and abnormalities.
      [Sector: Big data, IoT, Digital health, Healthcare]
    7. Hargol FoodTech
      Hargol FoodTech is the world’s first commercial grasshopper (Inago) farm. Grasshoppers are nature’s most efficient protein source – Healthier for humans and more sustainable to grow. Hargol sells innovative foods and supplements based on grasshoppers’ protein and nutrients.
      [Sector: Food tech, Agri tech]



Closing remarks


*The timetable might be changed.


Admission Free

Object Anyone interested in post-pandemic and/or collaboration with Israeli companies
Due date for application Wednesday, July 08, 2020 12:00

Notes for attendance

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・Instructions will be provided to you by email after you sign up for the event. (i.e. You do not have to sign up and get your own account. )
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