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KGAP+ DAY – Batch11 Unveiling –2024/07/12

KGAP+ (Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus), which has supported domestic and international startups in finding business partners with the participation of 155 startups from 17 countries so far, is finally starting this year, again.

The first event of this year is the unveiling event for KGAP+ Batch 11.

After receiving entries from partner institutions around the world, 18 companies from 9 countries have been selected to participate. This time, startups from Denmark and France will be participating for the first time!

Please come and join us for a pitch session that will be more exciting than ever!

  • For more information about KGAP+, click here
  • KGAP+ is in collaboration with the Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo – Kobe Consortium which was selected as a Global Startup City under the Japanese Cabinet Office. For more information about business environment in Kansai region, see “INVEST JAPAN, INVEST KANSAI

Date / Time Friday, July 12, 2024 10:00 - 16:30

Online by Zoom


*Time: Japan Standard Time
*Language: English


I   Part 1

10:00 Opening remarks


10:02 Introduction of Keihanna Global Innovation Ecosystem and KGAP+

Dr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, Senior Executive Vice President, ATR (KGAP+ Program Director)


10:20 Pitches by KGAP+ Batch 11, 10 startups

【AI / Data】

    1. IPS(Canada)
      IPS provides AI-driven digitalization solutions for process industries, using deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing to interpret engineering drawings, documents, and 3D models. This automation enhances efficiency, accuracy, and safety, achieving productivity gains of 2-10x. IPS’s scalable solutions reduce operational risks, ensure cost-effective project delivery, and improve overall knowledge management.


【Energy / Greentech】

    1. Calogy Solutions(Canada)
      Calogy Solutions offers innovative thermal management solutions for electric and hydrogen transportation, focusing on batteries, fuel cells, and power electronics. Their patent-pending, low-cost technology maintains optimal temperatures, enhancing safety, extending component life, and reducing the initial cost of electric vehicles.
    2. Seppure(Canada)
      Seppure develops energy-efficient organic solvent nanofiltration products to enable industrial decarbonization and solvent recycling. Their proprietary membranes reduce operational costs and carbon emissions by separating chemicals at the molecular level with minimal heat. Sold in standard modules, these filters support diverse industrial applications and promote a sustainable, eco-friendly future.
    3. Reblade(Denmark)
      Reblade revolutionizes wind energy with drone-based solutions for automated repairs on eroded turbine blades, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing turbine uptime. The global team of problem-solvers pioneers automated maintenance, reducing costs, increasing repair capacity, and boosting renewable energy output.


【Healthcare / Medical】

    1. FairMed(Japan)
      FairMed is developing an AI-powered endovascular surgical navigation system that enhances surgical precision and patient outcomes by tracking devices in real-time and offering personalized surgical plans. By learning from expert data, it minimizes surgery times and optimizes treatment approaches, improving care standards in endovascular surgery.
    2. Boreaceutique(Canada)
      Boréaceutique is a biotechnology company specializing in developing active ingredients derived from plants. The company leverages its deep knowledge of Canada’s boreal forest to serve the cosmetics, food, animal nutrition, and natural health sectors. Utilizing an enzyme-assisted extraction process, Boréaceutique focuses on upcycling agrifood by-products, aligning with the global trend towards natural ingredients.
    3. Hyasynth(Canada)
      Hyasynth is a biotechnology company specializing in precision yeast fermentation to produce pure CBD without using cannabis. This innovative method ensures high purity and consistency, is THC-free, and meets government regulations. With a 90% reduced environmental footprint and cost-effectiveness, Hyasynth offers s a reliable ingredient for CBD products.
    4. Nutrix(Switzerland)
      Nutrix innovates healthcare with its AI-powered SaaS platform and proprietary devices such as CortiSense, the first non-invasive cortisol sensor. Offering remote monitoring, personalized coaching, and tailored health programs for prevention and chronic disease management, Nutrix serves insurance companies, enterprises, and pharmacies, transforming patient care and outcomes globally.
    5. illumicell AI(Switzerland)
      Illumicell AI transforms sperm testing by integrating a patented AI algorithm with a proprietary sensor system. The device uses Digital Inline Holographic Microscope (DIHM) to deliver lab-quality results with 98% accuracy, 50x faster and 20x cheaper than traditional methods. This innovation addresses fertility clinic bottlenecks, redefining male fertility diagnostics with unparalleled precision and efficiency.
    6. CompreVie(Austria)
      CompreVie pioneers smart skin biochip technology, creating human-like, mechanically active organs and tissues for lab testing. The innovative platform enhances R&D by bridging pre-clinical and clinical trials, reducing animal testing, and improving product safety and efficacy. This groundbreaking service models real-life scenarios, streamlining validation and accelerating market readiness.




II  Part 2

15:00 Short introduction of KGAP+

Ms Makiko Tatsumi, Director, Corporate Planning & Innovation Co-Creation Unit, ATR (KGAP+ Program Manager)


15:10 Pitches by KGAP+ Batch 11, 8 startups

【Materials / Smart Devices】

    1. AI DGM(Taiwan)
      DGM revolutionizes waste cooking oil recycling with AI recognition, IoT, and blockchain technology. The system enables 24/7 remote monitoring, reducing carbon emissions and costs while increasing efficiency. This innovation enhances traceability, prevents fraud, and streamlines the recycling process, making it more cost-efficient and reliable for the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) industry.
    2. Polymertal(Israel)
      Polymertal pioneers lightweight, eco-friendly advanced material parts for Automotive, Aerospace, Communication Devices, and Industrial sectors. The turnkey solutions integrate metallized polymers for hybrid parts, addressing complex engineering challenges. These products offer sustainability, EMI shielding, thermal and electrical conductivity, and superior mechanical strength, providing high performance at a competitive price point.
    3. ElFys(Finland)
      ElFys pioneers high-sensitivity photodetectors stemming from advanced photonics research at Aalto University. Their patented MEMS nanotechnology and atomic layer deposition ensure near-100% light absorption and minimal signal loss across UV, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths, which enhances products like medical imaging systems, LiDAR, and security scanners by reliably detecting weak signals, setting new benchmarks in performance.



    1. AiGENT-TECH(Israel)
      AiGENT-TECH elevates robotic intelligence with Large Language Models (LLMs), Knowledge Graphs (KGs), and Physical World Models (PWMs). These innovations enable robots to handle new tasks without prior programming, ensuring adaptability and efficiency in diverse environments. The IQ-130 solution enhances reasoning, planning, and collaboration, enabling robots to excel in dynamic environments alongside humans and other robots.


【Software / App】

    1. ATR LT(Japan)
      ATR-LT develops English teaching materials using speech technology, offering e-learning services for Japanese schools. Their system automatically evaluates and quantifies learners’ pronunciation and English skills in real-time using patented technology, providing accurate, immediate feedback and enhancing language learning efficiency.
    2. Aptero(France)
      Aptero revolutionizes corporate training with immersive 3D learning experiences powered by Spatial AI. The platform offers interactive simulations, enhancing engagement, retention, and skill development. With subscription access, bespoke content, and comprehensive analytics, Aptero ensures scalable, customizable training for modern workforces.



    1. Sonovia(Israel)
      Sonovia pioneers sustainable textile technologies with its game-changing Sono-coating process. Harnessing “Cavitation,” the innovative approach eliminates chemical binders, reducing environmental impact in textile production. This single-step, high-performance coating enhances efficiency and sustainability, offering eco-friendly solutions across industries like denim and healthcare textiles.


16:30 Closing remarks


*The timetable might be changed.

Object Anyone interested in collaboration with startups and global collaboration, etc.
Due date for application Friday, July 12, 2024

Notes for attendance

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