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KGAP+ Batch9 -Canada Challenge-2023/05/30

KGAP+ (Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus) will hold a selection pitch webinar for Batch 9 in Canada.

KGAP+ is a startup support program for promising startups from Japan and abroad. Startups pursue collaboration with large Japanese enterprises as well as overseas expansion. So far, 117 startups from 13 countries have participated in the Batch 1 to 8, and more than 70% of the startups have been able to implement PoC or enter into collaborative discussions with the program’s support.

The “Canada Challenge” is a stage of candidates from Canada. In collaboration with the core partner NRC IRAP (National Research Council Canada, Industrial Research Assistance Program),  promising startups that have passed tough pre-selection process will eagerly pitch their innovative technologies and services for participation in the program.

  • National Research Council Canada (NRC) and ATR signed a MOU of cooperation in the fields of industrial technology in April 2019, in the presence of the Prime Ministers of both countries, through collaboration in participation of Canadian companies in KGAP+. For more information, click here.


  • About KGAP+ Batch 9, click here.
  • KGAP+ is in collaboration with the Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo – Kobe Consortium which was selected a Global Startup City under the Japanese Cabinet Office. For more information about business environment in Kansai region, see “INVEST JAPAN, INVEST KANSAI

Date / Time Tuesday, May 30, 2023 9:30 - 11:15

Online by Zoom


*Time: Japan Standard Time
*Language: English


09:30 Opening remarks


09:35 Introduction of KGAP+

Ms. Makiko Tatsumi
Director, Business Development Office, ATR
KGAP+ Program Manager


09:45 Introduction of Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), National Research Council Canada (NRC)

Mr. Harvey Lam
Industrial Technology Advisor, NRC IRAP


09:50 Pitch by startups

    1. Compusult Limited
      A cost-effective, unmanned autonomous system for coastal mapping and monitoring that provides wide-area infrastructure coastal surveillance interoperable between air, land, and sea.
    2. CANN Forecast
      Using AI and machine learning to protect water by reliably estimating microbial contamination on beaches in real time. The technology can also be used to identify at-risk water pipes before they stop functioning.
    3. Haply Robotics Inc.
      A compact feedback system designed to reproduce the sense of touch in VR and other virtual spaces. It reproduces the sense of touch needed to simulate technical tasks, such as surgical training, and can accurately emulate complex sensations such as cutting tissue or drilling into bone.
    4. Letenda inc.
      The only zero-emission large bus designed for the 9-meter-long bus market. It maximizes the potential of electric propulsion, is a 100% electric solution built with recycled materials, and has a clean seat profile for unmatched comfort and manoeuvrability.
    5. Mazlite Inc.
      An advanced spray monitoring platform that can be used not only in the automotive industry but also in the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, agriculture, etc. It detects minimal changes in spray operation and measures the spray pattern to ensure the correct coating thickness simultaneously.
    6. NUNAFAB Corp
      A new type of Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) that offers several benefits over conventional concrete. With a service life of 70-100 years, UHPC lasts several times longer, and it is 4-5 times stronger while being PVC-free and environmentally friendly.
    7. Prévu3D Inc.
      Using 3D scanning technology to provide an intuitive and powerful way to visualize and manage digital twins. It allows the society to rethink what you can do remotely and simulate proposed adjustments.
    8. Tochtech Technologies Ltd.
      A non-contact, non-wearable sleep tracker. Caregivers can stay informed at all times, enabling seniors to live independently while feeling safe, connected, and cared for. The solution also offers insights into sleep patterns, helping to improve sleep quality and overall well-being.
    9. TradeWorks Environmental Inc.
      Enhancing existing biological treatment capacity using non-toxic, naturally occurring microorganisms, providing a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to expensive and resource-intensive treatment options.
    10. vrCAVE Inc.
      A location-based experiential VR (LBVR) escape game that involves multiple participants. It provides an unprecedented sense of immersion and sets up challenges that require the cooperation of multiple people, making it ideal for team-building exercises and other business purposes.


11:00 Closing remarks

*The timetable might be changed.

Object Anyone interested in collaboration with startups from Canada, etc.
Due date for application May 30, 2023, at 11:00

Notes for attendance

・A link to the Zoom webinar will be provided to you by email after you sign up for the event.
・When you sign in the webinar, please use the email address that you wrote in the application form.

– Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)

– Keihanna Research Complex

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    – The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

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    -Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

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    - Business Development Office,
    Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
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