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KGAP+ Batch7 -Canada Challenge-2022/03/25

KGAP+ (Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus) will hold a selection pitch webinar for Batch 7 in Canada.

KGAP+ is a startup support program for promising startups from Japan and abroad. Startups pursue collaboration with large Japanese enterprises as well as overseas expansion. So far, 79 startups from 10 countries have participated in the Batch 1 to 6, and 80% of the startups have been able to implement PoC or enter into collaborative discussions with the program’s support.

The “Canada Challenge” is a stage of candidates from Canada. In addition to a core partner NRC IRAP (National Research Council Canada, Industrial Research Assistance Program), Delegation General of Quebec in Tokyo from Batch 5, and Alberta Japan Office from Batch 6, Embassy of Canada and Ontario Japan Office are also nominating startups for this time! Promising startups that have passed tough pre-selection process will eagerly pitch their innovative technologies and services for participation in the program. The enhanced Canada Challenge is an opportunity to learn about Canada’s ecosystem and meet Canadian startups.

  • National Research Council Canada (NRC) and ATR signed a MOU of cooperation in the fields of industrial technology in April 2019, in the presence of the Prime Ministers of both countries, through collaboration in participation of Canadian companies in KGAP+. For more information, click here.


  • About KGAP+ Batch 7, click here.
  • KGAP+ is in collaboration with the Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo – Kobe Consortium which was selected a Global Startup City under the Japanese Cabinet Office. For more information about business environment in Kansai region, see “INVEST JAPAN, INVEST KANSAI

Date / Time Friday, March 25, 2022 9:30 - 10:50

Online by Zoom


*Time: Japan Standard Time
*Language: English


09:30 Opening remarks


09:35 Greeting remarks

Mr. Nadin Nanji
Counselor (Science, Technology and Innovation)
Embassy of Canada


09:40 Introduction of KGAP+

Ms. Makiko Tatsumi
Director, Business Development Office, ATR
KGAP+ Program Manager


09:45 Pitch by startups

    1. Longan Vision
      Longan Vision developed Fusion Vision System that does not interfere with the existing equipment and provide enhanced vision in the dimly lit areas and smoke-filled environments hands-free.
      [Smart Device]
    2. Optina DX
      Optina aims to transform memory loss detection and understanding through a simple eye exam offered in near-patient clinics
      MIMs provides Biopharma companies with easy-to-implement and interactive augmented intelligence systems, allowing for accurate biological simulations at early drug development stages, to assist life scientists in the development of precisely targeted and personalized therapies.
    4. Applied Quantum Materials (AQM)
      Applied Quantum Materials Inc. (AQM) is a world leader in the custom design, synthesis, manufacturing, and integration of environmentally friendly, biocompatible, silicon nanomaterials with over 160 customers in 21 countries.
    5. WeavAir
      WeavAir offers a decarbonization and wellness solution for real estate and transportation with multi-sensor IoT devices measure air quality, ventilation performance, predictive maintenance and people flow in real-time, as well as predictive software..
    6. Index Biosystems
      Index has developed BioTags that can be applied directly to any product to secure its identity and Tailhead software that provides detection reports and seamlessly integrates with existing traceability systems and software through API.


10:20 Introduction of Ontario ecosystem

Ms. Alex Lee
Manager, Ontario’s International Trade and Investment Offices
Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade


10:30 Pitch by startups

    1. Pontosense
      Pontosense leverages advanced sensing and AI to allow objects and systems, like cars, to become human-aware: presence, movement, vital signs, and identification.
    2. F8th
      F8th is developing authentication technologies that are continuous and invisible. The Behavioural Biometric Analysis service is collecting the human interaction with a device such as mouse movement and keystrokes and then uses AI to create a user profile match.
    3. IRIS R&D Group
      The Company enables smart cities to leverage innovative technology towards solving transportation, public safety and infrastructure challenges with the irisGo™ IoT hardware and irisCITY™ data platform solutions.
      [Smart city]


10:45 Closing remarks

*The timetable might be changed.

Object Anyone interested in collaboration with startups from Canada, etc.
Due date for application Friday, March 25, 2022 15:30

Notes for attendance

・A link to the Zoom webinar will be provided to you by email after you sign up for the event.
・When you sign in the webinar, please use the email address that you wrote in the application form.

– Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)

– Keihanna Research Complex

Sponsor etc.
  • ■ Co-hosted by

    – The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

    – Embassy of Canada

    – Delegation General of Quebec in Tokyo

    – Alberta Japan Office

    – Ontario Japan Office


  • ■ Cooperated by

    – Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

  • Business Development Office,
    Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
  • E-mail:bdo-event@atr.jp