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KGAP+ DAY – Batch5 Unveiling – [Online]2021/08/05

KGAP+ (Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus) will hold an unveiling event for Batch 5.

15 companies were selected from 37 companies that participated in the regional preliminary rounds through pre-selection and nominations from innovation support organizations around the world, and the winner of the KGAP+ Award at Hack Osaka 2020, an international innovation conference held by Osaka City with which we collaborate. These 16 enthusiastic companies from Japan, the U.S., Canada, India, Israel, Finland, Germany, and Spain made energetic pitches!

This is the start of a program that aims to find partners and customers and expand business in Japan. We hope you can join us!

  • About KGAP+ Batch 5, click here.
  • About KGAP+ Batch 5 Local Challenges that are the preliminary rounds, click here.


  • KGAP+ is in collaboration with the Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo – Kobe Consortium which was selected a Global Startup City under the Japanese Cabinet Office. For more information about business environment in Kansai region, see “INVEST JAPAN, INVEST KANSAI


*The winner of the KGAP+ Award at Hack Osaka 2020 have declined to participate due to change in business strategy (July 28 updated).

Date / Time Thursday, August 05, 2021 9:30 - 17:55

Online by Zoom


*Time: Japan Standard Time
*Language: English


■ Session 1


9:30 Opening remarks


9:35 Introduction of Keihanna global innovation ecosystem

Dr. Hiroyuki Suzuki
Executive Vice President,
Head of Strategic Management Unit and Head of Business Development Office


9:50 Pitches by KGAP+ Batch 5 startups

    1. Voiceitt
      A service that enables people with mild to severe speech disabilities to access and communicate with voice-activated smart assistants such as Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Echo using automatic speech recognition technology that can handle a variety of speech patterns.
      *declined to participate due to change in business strategy (July 28 updated).
    2. Obviously AI
      Obviously Ai has designed Obviously AI, a no-code tool that enables anyone to quickly build & run AI models in minutes, without writing code. It provides the fastest and most effortless AutoML tool, which is used by 3,000 businesses across the world and recommended by Forbes magazine.
    3. Preteckt
      Preteckt provides cloud-based software that allows vehicles to be monitored 24/7 and provides predictive and prescriptive maintenance, including detected maintenance issues, severity, and actions to take to fix them.
    4. picoNETS
      picoNETS is a revolutionary new age CDN (Content Delivery Network) spreading innovations in 5G labs. picoNETS works with carriers and content partners to find an alternate solution to make high-quality media delivery uninterrupted to end cnsumers without increasing the bandwidth cost for providers.


10:30 Introduction of Kyoto ecosystem

Ms. Takako Teruyama, Invest Japan Coordinator, JETRO Kyoto


10:45 Pitches by KGAP+ Batch 5 startups

    1. Osaka Heat Cool Inc.
      Innovative haptics interface presenting the hot and cold senses using Peltier elements. Great communication tool for people when they are busy watching at noisy locations. (Amusement parks, sports events, and etc.)
    2. OSINTech Inc.
      “RuleWatcher” is an unique SaaS service that provides timely trend information by visualizing official information from governments, UNs, NGOs, etc. Our strength is to penetrate language barrier and provides high-quality rule-trend analysis by focusing social issues.
      [Information Service]
    3. Halu Inc.
      IKOU is an inclusive brand that pursues human-centered design to meet the diverse needs of children. Focusing on the needs of children with physical disabilities and their families, IKOU develops portable chairs to expand their range of activities and kids’ wear to make their daily lives more comfortable.
    4. Consento
      “Consento” is a digital security solution that eliminates the need for passwords, SIM cards, and central servers by allowing family members or other trusted people to participate in the authentication process, providing safe and secure way to manage information.
      [Internet Technology]


11:25 Break



■ Session 2


16:00 Opening remarks for Session 2


16:05 Introduction of Keihanna global innovation ecosystem

Dr. Hiroyuki Suzuki
Executive Vice President,
Head of Strategic Management Unit and Head of Business Development Office


16:20 Pitches by KGAP+ Batch 5 startups

    1. ProGlove
      ProGlove is a manufacturer of wearable barcode scanners that enable Industry 4.0.  ProGlove develops and provides lightweight, high-speed communication glove scanners for use in manufacturing, logistics, transportation, shipping, e-commerce, and retail.
      [Manufacturing, Logistics]
    2. SeeTrue Technologies
      SeeTrue Technologies creates world’s most-advanced customizable eye-tracking solutions based on robust sensors and unique computer vision approach for medical and other applications.
    3. Detect Technologies Private Limited
      Detect Technologies developed GUMPS (Guided Ultrasonic Monitoring Pipeline System) that is the worlds’s first continuous, real-time pipeline monitoring system capable of working even at extreme temperatures, as well as an intelligent drone for reliable inspection of assets. The products have been designed to simplify decision making through real time insights about assets and especially inaccessible assets.
    4. Infilect
      Infilect builds b2b SaaS products for the retail domain to analyse large-scal visual data. Both the products help CPG organizations improve sales via deeper understanding and optimization of consumer research, market research, sales, and auditing processes.


17:00 Introduction of Kyoto ecosystem

Ms. Takako Teruyama, Invest Japan Coordinator, JETRO Kyoto


17:15 Pitches by KGAP+ Batch 5 startups

    1. Seevix Material Sciences Ltd.
      Seevix produces high-strength patented “SVX™”,  an ultra-fine bioprotein fiber that is as light as natural spider silk, yet durable and elastic.
    2. Beaconcure
      Beaconcure develops regulatory submission support program for drugs and medical devices by combining pharmaceutical company, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and data science technologies.
    3. Kitchen Robotics
      Kitchen Robotics has introduced “Beastro™”, the world’s first robotic Ghost Kitchen (delivery-only kitchen) solution that uses 40 different ingredients to create an infinite number of recipes
    4. SZENTIA
      SZENTIA develops and provides SaaS solutions that connect cosmetic brands and users, enabling a truly smart assistant in the packaging, the evaluation of users’ skin conditions, hyper-personalization and circular economy management.
      [Beauty, Green-tech]


17:55 Closing remarks

*The timetable might be changed.

Object Anyone interested in collaboration with startups and global collaboration, etc.
Due date for application Thursday, August 05, 2021 17:55

Notes for attendance

・A link to the Zoom webinar will be provided to you by email after you sign up for the event.
・When you sign in the webinar, please use the email address that you wrote in the application form.

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