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Startup-ecosystem Collaboration Event – GEC × KGAP+2023/09/20

KGAP+, which supports the growth of startups in Japan and around the world, is now in its 9th term, expanding its hub function as a startup support organization where innovation support organizations from all over the world gather.

Following the Global Incubator Network Austria (GIN) in May, we will be holding a collaboration event with the accelerator GEC (Global Entrepreneurship Center) in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany.

KGAP+ is an acceleration program based in Keihanna Science City, Japan, that supports overseas startups looking to establish a foothold in Japan while also helping Japanese startups expand globally. GEC is an innovation hub for scaling sustainable technology innovation and entrepreneurship, addressing the challenges of scaling deep tech startups with a clear focus on sustainability, circularity and climate change issues. Masu. We support up to 20 startups a year with our GEC Factory program, providing access to venture capital, business development, advisory services, and production and testing facilities. Approximately 60 startups join the GEC Catalyst cohort annually, and GEC’s total scale-up investments are worth up to €200,000.

The event aims to bring together Keihanna Science City and German startups to explore potential collaboration and business expansion opportunities, and will provide an opportunity for each of the three startups to showcase their innovative products. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event.

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*Osaka-Kyoto-Hyogo-Kobe Consortium, in which KGAP+ plays a part, has been selected by the Japanese government as a Startup Ecosystem Global Hub City.

Date / Time Wednesday, September 20, 2023 16:30 - 18:00

Online by Zoom


16:30 Welcome and Opening remarks

Mr. Friedrich Barth, Founder & CEO Global Entrepreneurship Centre, Germany


16:35 Presentation about Keihanna Innovation Ecosystem and Keihanna Global Acceleration Program Plus (KGAP+)

Dr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, Executive Vice President and Head of Business Development Office, ATR

16:50 Pitches by startups recommended by GEC

      1. Omnivore-Recycling
        Omnivore Recycling provides equipment for insect production, enabling a sustainable disposal of organic waste streams. They enable everyone to recycle food waste to high-value insect protein.
      2. eco-softfibre
        eco-softfibre develop and produce bio-soft foams from natural fibers that replace petrochemical soft foams such as polyurethane, which are used for upholstery and sound absorption.
      3. eekual
        eekual is a disruptive apparel company throwing fashion- and shoe sizes over board. Their first personal-fit b2i (business-to-individual) product is available – blang*blang sneakers. eekual make perfectly fitting sneakers measured via their proprietary app and remarkable new algorithm. The end-products are produced locally on demand in a 40 sm nano factory, thus making complex delivery chains obsolete.


17:15 Presentation about impact investing in NRW, and the vision of the Global Entrepreneurship Centre, Germany (GEC)
Mr. Sebastian Gronwald, Co-Founder & CFO, Global Entrepreneurship Centre


17:30  Pitches by startups recommended by KGAP+

      1. Keigan
        Keigan developed KeiganMotor® – an autonomous mobile robot KeiganALI that makes building helpful robots simple and is being widely used in different areas ranging from factories to service industries.
        An AI Robot that can move freely around the facility without marking or pre-specifying a route has been developed. The robot’s position, people and obstacles are recognised by images from a camera on the ceiling. It can achieve both high mobility and low cost without expensive sensors. Examples of use: logistic centers, manufacturing sites, offices and low-cost indoor transport robots.
      3. iROBOTICS 
        iROBOTICS is a professional group that can provide one-stop infrastructure maintenance DX solutions from development to analysis and commercialization, leveraging its advanced operation technology of micro-drones and its technological development capabilities represented by spider-type robots.


18:00 Closing remarks


*Language: English (no interpretation)
*The time table might be changed.

Object Anyone interested in collaboration with startups and global collaboration, etc.
Due date for application Wednesday, September 20, 2023 16:00

Notes for attendance

・A link to the Zoom webinar will be provided to you by email after you sign up for the event.
・When you sign in the webinar, please use the email address that you wrote in the application form.

– Global Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC)

Sponsor etc.
  • ■ Co-hosted by

    – Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)

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