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Integrated research & development in different fields

In order to help create a ‘Meta-Comfort’ smart society, we will construct an infrastructure that takes advantage of this area’s potential and promote interactions between participating organizations. The basic concept is “open innovation.” We’ll promote R&D while keeping future commercialization in view.
Our work has three main components: “Intelligent environment design that is best for humans,” “Monitoring mind & body to achieve the best for humans,” and “Lively interaction life with sympathy.” As part of our research activities, we will establish an experimental facility named ‘Meta-Comfort Laboratory’ in Keihanna Open Innovation Center (KICK).
In this laboratory, we will collect various data focusing on intellectual control of the senses’ environment, senses interaction, and estimation of the condition of body and mind so as to construct a ‘Meta-Comfort’ database. Furthermore, we will take advantage of this database to create new businesses.