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Commercialization Support

The Keihanna Research Complex project, called Keihanna RC, conducts activities to nurture new business by bringing together various players (e.g. research institutes, universities, enterprises, and venture companies) and provides a framework that combines our research outcomes, technologies, and ideas for the creation of new business and projects.
 Business support to start-ups
 Business creation by global “Open innovation”
 Business support by brain technology
 Seminars to present industry trends (technology and finance) and encourage commercialization

Business support to start-ups

Keihanna RC established the “Keihanna Global Acceleration Program” (KGAP) and a website for pitching business globally called “STARTUPS” as frameworks to support entrepreneurs and start-ups.


Global Pitching Site Global Acceleration Program (KGAP)




Keihanna Global Acceleration Program (KGAP)

KGAP trains entrepreneurs and start-ups through pitch training, mentoring, matching with investors, and overseas training programs, and then it encourages them to develop and expand their business.
 Keihanna Venture Championship (KVeCS)
Pitch tournaments, called KVeCS, are held every month. Five companies or organizations compete with each other for the championship or special awards―a step toward the next phase of the program―.

Start-ups, mainly challengers to KVeCS, are provided with various kinds of mentoring, such as brush-ups on business models given by mentors or special lecturers; support for fund raising, sales channel expansion, and team building; and brush-ups on presentation materials and skills.
 KVeCS grand finale (Demo Day)
The KVeCS grand finale, where the champions and runners-up of previous tournaments compete, is held every year on Keihanna RC’s Demo Day. In the grand finale, start-ups can showcase their business plans to investors tied up with Keihanna RC as core members, and if they receive excellent evaluations in the competition, they can attend a training program in New York City as a reward.
 Overseas training programs
Keihanna RC provides start-ups with overseas acceleration programs in partnership with the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) and Barcelona Activa (BA). This is intended to help start-ups expand their business globally―to raise funds, expand sales channels, find business partners, and so on.


“STARTUPS” is a website where start-ups can showcase their business plans and connect to investors and supporters all over the world. Two-minute pitch videos by unique start-ups, along with their company profiles and rankings, are uploaded to the website. Start-ups recommended by investors, mentors, and venture companies in Keihanna RC’s network, as well as challengers to KVeCS, can post videos here.

Business creation by global open innovation

Keihanna RC established “Keihanna Open Global Service Platform for Accelerated Co-Innovation” (KOSAINN) to create joint implementation projects beyond Keihanna RC by collaborating with various players globally.





Business support by brain technology

Keihanna RC has engaged in the ‘braintech’—brain × technology—business. We hold a series of seminars called “START BRAIN TECH” and issue a report that shows the latest trends in the braintech industry to stimulate researchers, business entities, and investors in creating braintech-related business.

Seminars to convey industry trends and encourage commercialization

Keihanna RC holds various types of seminars to support commercialization.

 Seminars to present technology trends
 – Now or Never
 – 感情認識技術の最前線~世界のベンチャー企業の動向~
 Seminar to present financial trends
 – Fintech Forum in Keihanna -Promising Ventures in Israel-
 – 起業/事業チャレンジのためのファイナンス支援~あなたが利用するファイナンスは?~
 Seminars to change mindsets
 – 「未来を創る 固定概念への挑戦」~Global企業が行っている新規事業開発メソッド~
 – 「『超快適』スマート社会の実現に向けた企業および研究者の着眼点」~お勉強や徒労に終わらせないために~
 Keihanna Business School
 – アントレプレナーシップ・イントラプレナーシップ WS ~マイクロMBAコース~
 – IE Seminar “Work and Leadership in an Age of AI and Robotics”
 – Global Innovation Seminar-Business Transformation by Integrated Design Thinking-