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Keihanna Research-Complex project

Keihanna Science City has been constructed under a Japanese national project, and 30 years have passed since its construction began. Currently, there are more than 130 research laboratories, universities and companies located in this area, and these have been achieving many leading-edge outcomes in research and development. Now that the city has entered the next phase, the Keihanna Research-Complex project is stimulating organizations in this area to cooperate with others, both within and outside the area, with the aim of creating innovations it can boast about to the world.

Integrated R & D in different fields  Human resources development  Commercialization support
Innovation Hub & Overall promotion


Today, a feeling of stagnation hangs over Japan with its population shrinking. In such a society, people tend to attach greater importance to “spiritual richness” rather than “material affluence.” This project aims to create a “meta-comfort and smart society,” which aims to generate excitement, vitality and empathy in people’s hearts. To realize these aims, we will pursue technological development by integrating i-Brain(brain and human science technologies)-a set of technologies that quantitatively and objectively measure people’s feelings and emotions based on analysis of human psychology, behavior, and brain and biological data-and ICT(information communications technologies)including AI, big data analysis, and IoT.

In addition to these technological development activities, we will work to develop human resources with a producer mindset, and to create an innovation ecosystem that autonomously generates a chain of innovations through collaboration between universities, research institutes, large/medium/small-size companies, ventures, and local residents. We aim to make Keihanna a more vibrant innovation hub that attracts people, drives a generation of highly profitable businesses, and stimulates global expansion.




Integrated research & development in different fields

In order to help create a ‘Meta-Comfort’ smart society, we will construct an infrastructure that takes advantage of this area’s potential and promote interactions between participating organizations. The basic concept is “open innovation.” We’ll promote R&D while keeping future commercialization in view.
Our work has three main components: “Intelligent environment design that is best for humans,” “Monitoring mind & body to achieve the best for humans,” and “Lively interaction life with sympathy.” As part of our research activities, we will establish an experimental facility named ‘Meta-Comfort Laboratory’ in Keihanna Open Innovation Center (KICK).
In this laboratory, we will collect various data focusing on intellectual control of the senses’ environment, senses interaction, and estimation of the condition of body and mind so as to construct a ‘Meta-Comfort’ database. Furthermore, we will take advantage of this database to create new businesses.


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Human resources development

In human resources development activities, nurturing a ‘producer’ is a basic policy. A ‘producer’ means a person who has the creativity to elaborate a plan from scratch, establish a human organization, collect funds, manage a project, and evaluate the outcomes through public reactions.
We have formed an image of a place where there are many such producers, various chances of self-improvement, encounters with strangers who have various abilities, and potential chances of commercialization. We call this image a “produce sea” by comparison to the “sea” in which many lives have been raised.
We aim to produce people with both high specialization and business minds to create high-profit businesses in the Keihanna area. In order to accomplish this, we’ll pursue several tasks: 1. As a base to create the ’produce sea,’ we will increase the chances of human resource development throughout the Keihanna area and, moreover, enhance the alliances among companies and academia, among large and mid-sized enterprises and start-ups, and among different universities, through increasing the skills and interactions of participants. 2. In addition to enriching fMRI measurement training, we will add training seminars for brain function measurement such as those using optical topography. In addition, we will enrich framework lectures to acquire both measurement techniques of various peoples’ senses and specialized knowledge. 3. We will hold workshops with the aim of creating new ideas by building stronger collaboration with those who are conducting integrated research & development in different fields. 4. Taking advantage of the large-scale events held inside/outside the Keihanna area, we will disseminate information on the progress of our activities as well as the outcomes.



Produce Sea


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Commercialization support

In commercialization support activities, in addition to innovation hub activities, we will establish structures to connect research outcomes, technologies, and ideas created in the RC activities to business opportunities or commercialization.
In order to establish this, we need to enhance the innovation ecosystem not only with essential elements supplied from within the Keihanna area, such as various communities, service providers, business model evaluators, but also other elements like accelerators, venture capital, and investment networks supplied from outside the Keihanna area. What we think important here is to create a circulation of investment funds and business: By enhancing the ecosystem, we can channel investment money to the RC and start many businesses, which will lead to new investments. Here, we describe concrete activities toward accomplishing this vision:
1. Activities for developing an accelerator function to promote commercialization
We will complete the components of the ecosystem, such as an alliance with organizations outside the Keihanna area, for developing an accelerator function that can attract investment money and connect business seeds to commercialization.
2. Good matching for creating business
We will select research projects or businesses with high collaboration possibility inside/outside the Keihanna area to conduct pitch sessions in order not only to attract investment money but also to make good matchings for business alliances between companies or between researchers and companies as well as to disseminate information.


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Innovation Hub & overall promotion

In Innovation Hub and overall promotions activities, the innovation hub promotion team and the Kansai Research Institute, which is a core organization of this project, will conduct the following five activities, supporting the three missions described above as a platform. We’re going to make opportunities for a variety of integrations in the manner of ‘chemical reactions,’ for example, integration of the Keihanna area and other areas, integration of research & technologies in different fields, and integration of research and businesses. In this way, we will enhance the platform.

1. Taking advantage of Keihanna’s strong points, we will create a platform where researchers are integrated with business entities based on innovative technologies in i-Brain, ICT, life sciences and many other fields, and make opportunities to create new business.
2. We will build up alliances with domestic/foreign accelerators and then make the platform described in the commercialization support activities for Keihanna RC to form an accelerator function. In addition, we will make another platform to attract human resources from abroad.
3. We will create opportunities where mainly young people from different fields are integrated as well as places where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs gather. We will conduct workshops and seminars for them so they can connect to commercialization opportunities.
4. We will disseminate information on our activities widely, even overseas, to encourage more collaboration with us or to facilitate greater access to us. Taking advantage of international events such as Kyoto Smart City Expo, we will disseminate news on RC activities and promote Keihanna RC by holding an international conference in a research field where the Keihanna area has strength.
5. In order to introduce progressive open innovations, we will hold a conference on open innovation regularly with remarkable people as lecturers. We will reflect what we learn from them in the RC strategy.

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Public Foundation of Kansai Research Institute
Meta-Comfort Smart Society Promotion Office/Keihanna Research-Complex Project Bureau

Keihanna Research-Complex Project was selected for the ”Research-Complex Promotion Program” promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST) in September 2016.