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Altumview Systems Inc.

A monitoring visual sensor with a built-in AI chip for long-term care facilities and home care. It is used as a fall detection sensor in long-term care facilities and as a sensor in home care where a child who has left his parents’ home watches over his parents. In order to solve privacy problems, we will turn people into stick figures and visualize them. Your smartphone can be used to be notified of your parent’s fall or fall from their bed.
Seek public organizations and private companies who need identity verification of citizens and customers.


AudioCardio is a data and science backed mobile app that is designed to maintain and strengthen your hearing. AudioCardio delivers a personalized and inaudible sound therapy that stimulates the cells inside the ear. You can think of it as physical therapy for your hearing. The end user is a person with sensorineural hearing loss.
Seek collaboration with hospitals, insurance companies, elderly care facilities, and companies (welfare programs).


The human palm is a complex set of skin lines and creases that is unique enough to identify an individual. Redrock Biometrics offers a palm-scanning authentication software platform known as PalmID. PalmID® meets the authentication needs for a wide range of markets, and is a high-performance solution for nearly any application with a standard camera.
Seek collaboration on certification in areas such as AR / VR, payments, security, healthcare, omni-channel banking, automotive, etc..