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KGAP+ Batch4参加 日本企業


Now that most of businesses and services are being completed on the Internet, data management methods, privacy, cyber security, etc. are becoming important social issues. Our technology solves the problems of existing blockchains (legal tender cannot be used, transaction volume that can be processed is low, huge power consumption required in the process of using the system), so that you will be able to manage data, services and IoT safely with scale.
Seek collaboration with companies that are considering services that utilize processes and transactions between IoT devices and are trying to fully automate their management.


We create experience-based digital contents of cultural properties (3D point cloud video, AR&VR, 360 degree video with multilingual support) by using point cloud data measured and edited with our unique 3D technology. We also provide content distribution service that users can access by their smartphone or tablet both on site and online. This service will also contribute to securing financial resources for the sustainable protection of cultural properties.
Seek collaborations with governments, temples and shrines, business entities related to tourism and protection of cultural properties, and businesses that are considering art or cultural use of experience-based digital contents.


We plan and manufacture baked confectionery, utilizing more than 20 years of bread and baked confectionery manufacturing know-how. As a healthy and sustainable product, we used okara powder (a by-product of tofu manufacturing), which is a low-sugar, high-protein, dietary fiber-rich and gluten-free material. Besides okara, by-products (squeezed residue) such as beer, wine, and whiskey are useful materials containing a wide variety of nutrients. We’d like to contribute to development of a more sustainable society by converting what was thrown away / wasted into high-value ones that contribute to a healthy life.
Seek businesses and organizations that can collaborate in improving productivity, securing sales channels, and sales strategies.