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KGAP+ Batch4参加 インド企業

Synersense Private Limited

SynerSense’s GaitSense™ is a wearable portable gait analysis system that provides clinical diagnostic and rehabilitation for early and timely detection of pathological gaits using for people with orthopedic and neurological conditions, locomotor disabilities and geriatrics. Shuffling or Unsteady Gait Shouldn’t Be Ignored which can lead to “Orthopedic and Neurological disorders”. We addressed the problem of not receiving accurate diagnosis early and timely treatment due to geography, gender and socioeconomic status.
Seek collaborations in pilot testing of the product in Sports and Healthcare.

KBCols Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

KBCols Sciences is a deep tech startup specialized in the business of research, development, manufacturing & sale of natural dyes/pigments/key intermediates across various verticals like textiles, cosmetics, food etc. Synthetic colors have completely eliminated the use of natural colors owing to their low cost. The prolonged use of these synthetic colors has led to many ecological and economical challenges. Our innovation tries to address the above challenge.
Seek collaborations in pilots with leading luxury brands in Japan, especially across sectors like textiles, cosmetics and personal care applications (hair dyes etc.)