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KGAP+ Batch4参加 イスラエル企業

CASTOR technologies

CASTOR enables manufacturers to reduce costs, utilizing the benefits of industrial 3D printing. It is an automatic software, where the algorithm analyzes CAD files technically and economically (full Bills of Materials) to identify mechanical parts that suits 3D printing. Manufacturers can automatically identify new opportunities for using industrial 3D printing
Seek partners of collaboration with companies that are trying to manufacture components using 3D printers.

Hailo Technologies Ltd.

AI chipmaker Hailo has developed a world-class AI processor delivering the performance of a data center-class computer straight to edge devices, enabling the smart products of the future in multiple industries including automotive, smart cities, smart homes, retail, industry 4.0, and beyond.
Seek collaborations with companies in the area such as Smart Cities, Smart Retails, Industry 4.0, smart home and Automotive

DiA Imaging Analysis

DiA has developed AI-based ultrasound analysis solutions. The technology imitates the way expert’s human eye detects borders and identifies motion, therefore, allowing clinicians with all levels of experience, to capture the right ultrasound images and automatically identify clinical abnormalities that are otherwise difficult to find visually.
Seek collaborations with Ultrasound or PACS vendors as well as leading medical centers that provide cardiac ultrasound services. Our software technology supports Multi-OS and it is a vendor-neutral solution that can be easily added to any of the above systems.

Rail Vision LTD.

Rail Vision (RV) systems improve railway safety, autonomous operation, predictive maintenance and RT/offline visual big data analytics. Forward looking electro-optic sensors installed on train locomotive detect & classify obstacles and infrastructure objects along rail tracks from safety distance at all weather and light conditions using, artificial intelligence & deep learning.
Seek collaboration with railway companies and their affiliated companies.