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Keihanna Global Startup Demo Day in Kyoto Smart City Expo2019/09/17

This summer, an acceleration program KGAP+ was launched at Keihanna, which aims at conducting a proof of concept (PoC) as well as pilot testing. Here, startups from all over the world work towards global expansion of their business.
During the pitch and exhibition at Kyoto Smart City Expo, 10 startups will present their achievements for last 3 months of their activities in the program, while newly starting startups this autumn will seek for partners/business partners towards realization of their PoC/pilot testing.
Industries and investors can find solution for your global open innovation on this Demo Day. So, you are all welcome!

Date / Time Thursday, October 03, 2019 13:50 - 16:40

Keihanna Open Innovation Center (KICK) Theater Room
Keihanna Science City (Kyoto Seika/Nishi-Kizu Area)



– Introduction of Keihanna Global Acceleration Program (KGAP+)
by Mr. Hiroyuki SUZUKI (Executive Vice President, Keihanna RC Strategic
Director, Leader for Innovation Hub)
– Pitching by KGAP+ Batch1 Participants (10 companies, 5-min. pitching + 5-min. Q&A each)*1
– Pitching by KGAP+ Batch2 Participants (8 companies, 5-min. pitching each)*2

*1 Batch 1 participants: 10 companies with 3 months training in the program and currently working on PoC/pilot testing

*2 Batch 2 participants: 8 companies to be expected to join the program from Sept. 30, seeking for partners

* The companies exhibit at Keihanna RC booth during Kyoto Smart City Expo

Speaker Profile
Batch1 participants (7/22 – 10/4)


We have developed the core technology to provide door-to-door Managed Planned MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) that enables a seamless mobility for commuters, traveller, student and seniors. Our technology accelerates digitalization of transport services for transport service provider (TAXI, Bus, Rail, Air etc) and consumer enjoy cost effective, efficient and amazing experience.

Agartee Technology(CA)

Agartee has developed an artificial intelligence-powered personalized puffer, health and environmental monitor that is predictive, non-intrusive, easy-to-use and looks at the people in a holistic way.
With Agartee’s technology, Agartee empowers patients and care teams to monitor the adherence to their care plans and see the effect on patient’s life.


Moving beyond today’s GPUs, the ArchiTek Intelligence Pixel Engine (aIPE) is pioneering a low-cost, high-performance future for AI solutions.


Wearable brain activity monitor which monitors the flow change of oxy-hemoglobin. The flow change of oxy-hemoglobin is a barometer of our mental health.
The possible applications: professional driver’s mental check including sleepy status, anti-dementia training, monitor for depression, entertainment etc.


CAN EAT is a storage your information of food restrictions and can use in various restaurants for serving your optimal meal.


We Import, customize, develop, consult and provide technology that can analyse a person’s emotion through their voice.


Hacarus-X is a lightweight, fast and resource efficient A.I engine built for the medical and manufacturing sectors. Our solution enables humans to make better, faster and more reliable decisions, based on data driven insights.


Proxilogica (“Local Computation”) combines expertise from AI, telecom and supercomputer industries to develop GPU-accelerated edge computing solutions suitable for a variety of application markets. Recognising trends in cost, power consumption, compute/storage performance and the AI algorithms that can leverage them, Proxilogica believes in an increasingly edge-based IoT future.

Steering Machines(ESP)

We have developed and patented an innovative omnidirectional platform for mobile robotics.
Robotic developers and automation engineerings use our platform to easily build new autonomous vehicles and mobile robots.
Our two first models, Moby-50 and Moby-100, can carry up to 500kg and 1500kg for applications such as intralogistics, mobile robotics and last mile applications.
Both are designed to facilitate the attachment of any custom body and any communication system.
Hereby I attach at the link with a short video: https://youtu.be/mKEAfjhsJL0

2gether Music(ISR)

2gether is a innovative digital-therapy app that supports caregivers of people living with Alzheimer’s in their mission to take care of their loved ones. enabling it by turning personalised music into therapy.

Batch2 participants (9/30 – 12/17)


High-function, low-cost indoor transfer robot for distribution facilities, factories, offices, and hospitals.


With current SLAM technology, even if the robot can grasp the shape of the space, but it does not know what the space is. With this technology, it is possible to obtain information about where the robot is now by comparing the spatial shape data obtained by SLAM with the 3D map data.


Prevent senior employees from aging their minds and innovate.
By training auditory language comprehension skills, we will provide services that connect the experience and knowledge of senior employees with innovation that solves regional issues, while at the same time cognitive health management and human resource development of senior employees.

Hayden AI Technologies(US)

AI-powered safe city platform.
We leverage mobile devices (smartphones, intelligent cameras, ADAS sensors, autonomous vehicles) to collect data to improve public & traffic safety.


The innovative Technology Product monitoring of brain’s state and data-driven effective Neuromodulation uses low frequency ultrasound for brain Neuromodulation combined with EEG for Neuromonitoring.


RobotAI develops algorithm that uses simple, webcam like, camera to estimate position and orientation of any objects around the robot. We provide superior performance, form factor, power and price compared to standard 3D cameras and scanners. RobotAI technology makes robots aware of the environment, adaptable to changes and easily programmed.


SCADAfence helps companies with large-scale OT networks embrace the benefits of digital transformation by reducing cyber risks and mitigating operational threats.
Our non-intrusive platform offers best-in-class detection accuracy, asset discovery and user experience.
SCADAfence delivers security and visibility to the world’s most complex OT networks, including Europe’s largest manufacturing facility.

The Predictive Company(ESP)

SaaS solution based on artificial intelligence for an autonomous and optimized operation of the energy systems in buildings through predictive analysis.

Triyo Software(US)

Triyo is a digital productivity & project collaboration platform empowering enterprise teams to deliver projects securely and at light speed.
Triyo optimizes how collaboration and work gets done on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets using a company’s existing infrastructure and applications. Triyo offers a macro lens to corporations with diagnostics such as number of projects, resources utilized, completion status, productivity grids etc.
Triyo sits on top of and integrates with existing infrastructure without need to change the way employees work with existing tools.


Admission free

Object Anyone who is interested in global statups.
Qualification / Requirement None
Due date for application Wednesday, October 02, 2019 17:00
Capacity 100 people

Notes for attendance

Pictures and video will be taken after the event for the purpose of information dissemination. Additionally, media interviews may be conducted.
Please be aware before attending that pictures and video of attendees may be used in the future.

Registration for Kyoto Smart City Expo is also required. Please visit here to registrate.


Sponsor:Keihanna Research Complex, Kyoto Prefecture

Global Partners:Barcelona Activa, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Israel Innovation Authority, National Research Council of Canada, 4YFN

Cooperation:Israel Trade Office – West Japan, Embassy of Spain(Economic and Commercial Office Tokyo), Embassy of Canada

  • Business Development Office,
    Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
  • E-mail:rc-atr@atr.jp