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Global Innovation Seminar – Business Transformation by Integrated Design Thinking -[MODULE 4] Neuromarketing Psychology2018/06/06

Lead successful businesses in the Industry 4.0 era requires a new set of leadership skills and personality traits. Drawing from the 20- year work in Digital Strategy, Innovation, Design, Marketing and Prototyping; these 6 workshops will give attendees a solid foundation in the latest trends in digital leadership development

Through an interactive format, the program will share the latest cutting-edge work in applied psychology, management psychology, behavioral economics, O2O design, user experience design and integrated design thinking.

Date / Time Wednesday, June 06, 2018 15:00 - 17:00

ATR (2-2-2 Hikaridai Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, 619-0288, Japan)

May 16th [MODULE 1] Digital Leadership Skills
• The 6 success factors for digital digital leadership
• The Integrated design thinking method and how to use it in business management – moving from business goals to customer needs and from brand equity to brand experience.
May 23rd [MODULE 2] Digital Disruption by Design
• The Innovation S-Curve and Design Thinking – how to generate more and better business ideas
• Applying design thinking to Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm model to move effectively from idea to execution
May 30th [MODULE 3] International Business Matching
• A design-led process for international business matching –customer and culture alignment in business negotiations
• Introducing data-driven business matching by using the “opportunity matrix” to create sustainable connections between companies and create new value by collaboration.
June 6th [MODULE 4] Neuromarketing Psychology
• Psychonomics, Decision Making and purchase – introduction to Damasio’s model of emotional-decision making. Ariely’s models of pain-pleasure in purchase.
• The psychology of trust and purchase – introducing the psychology of trust and its application in e-commerce and the shared-economy. Trust building methods in loyalty programs

June 19th [MODULE 5] Industry 4.0 by Design
• Using the design thinking process and the innovation S-Curve to develop and test new IoT solutions
• Designing for the Internet of Things – matching technology and design though customer-focused innovation.
June 27th [MODULE 6] Big data and Small Data to Revolutionise Customer Experience
• Modelling the Mind – introducing cognitive modeling and deep learning and its application in AI design.
• Psychological profiling using big (and small) data – introducing psychological profiling methods and their use on big datasets. Mixing online and offline behavioural data.
※Lecture will be conducted in English.
Lecture materials will be available in both Japanese and English.

Speaker Profile
Dr. David Williams
Digital Strategy Director and Founder, Global Digital Mojo
Dr. David Williams

Admission free

Object Mainly for mid-career or senior employees with over 6-year working experience
Qualification / Requirement None
Due date for application Tuesday, June 05, 2018 17:00
Capacity 15 people for each session

Notes for attendance

Pictures and video will be taken after the event for the purpose of information dissemination. Additionally, media interviews may be conducted.
Please be aware before attending that pictures and video of attendees may be used in the future.

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